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Reminder: Blind Faith Returns Next Week

In case you missed last week’s note in the crush of Christmas,
Blind Faith weekly devotionals will resume distribution with the Wednesday,
January 6, 2016 post. You should have the devotional message in your e-mail
in-box late Wednesday night or early Thursday morning each week. In
addition, it will be available online at or on my
FaceBook page.

I always appreciate your responses and comments about Blind
Faith postings. Your feedback, questions, insights into faith and the Bible,
and shared articles that have spoken to you greatly inform my writings.
Please keep them coming, and also keep forwarding Blind Faith to others. I
trust God to employ you as a “Distributor of the Week” to help reach someone
who can find God’s grace through an edition of Blind Faith.

A new year is dawning. My prayer is that you will approach a new
year with anticipation similar to the hopeful and responsible attitude God
commended to his people through the prophet Isaiah. God said to Isaiah – and
through him to us: “Look at the new thing I am going to do. It is already
happening. Don’t you see it?”… “I, I am the One who forgives all your
sins, for my sake; I will not remember your sins. {26} But you should remind
me. Let’s meet and decide what is right.” (Isaiah 43:19, 25-26a NCV)

Look eagerly for God’s good works everywhere you go. Trust and
extend God’s grace and forgiveness. And don’t just presume upon God’s grace:
remember to stay closely in touch to talk things over with God so that you
recognize God’s grace as you continually bump into it!

I’ll see you online next week!

– J. Edward Culpepper